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Thanks Gary, let me clarify, so your overall stance is not to shim anywhere on the project due to trapped moisture? Are you also saying that the H1Z hurricane ties and blocking will make up for the lack of support from the gap? Good tip about the blo
A deck or porch can be a great spot for peace and tranquility. Caring for a deck, on the other hand, can be a nightmare. Decks are, obviously, constantly exposed to the elements, and can show signs of weathering even days after they are constructed
I have a 48 X 10 second floor deck with 6X6 posts. I want to add a roof above about half of it. It is not feasible to replace the 6X6's with longer ones as I would basically end up replacing the deck, and it just wouldn't be a safe process
The decking dilemma—which to choose?Probably the most difficult decision to make when building a deck is what type of decking to use. All three choices—5/4 x 6-in. radius-edged cedar, pressure-treated and composite decking—share similarities
Existing balcony wall and rail is rendered blue board, solid but cracking and lifting around edges. Need to build a window sill approx 220mm wide on existing ledge in prep for windows and shutters to be installed by others. Ledge/rail approx 8m long
Notch the support columns? 2x6's for joists when 2x8's fit? Yeah um, stay away from those people. Concrete would be best overall since it's impervious to most everything from water rot, to termites to air leaks. With concrete you'd want to cinder blo
For a low-profile (but not ground level) deck, what's the shortest I can go with a notched 6x6 post? With an overall grade to deck surface height of 22", using a typical post and beam construction eats up my post height quickly when I factor in pier
Shadowbox fencing, also known as good neighbour fencing, presents a good face on both sides. Unlike typical stockade privacy fence panels, shadowbox panels are identical on both sides. When mounted between posts, they present an attractive face to ne
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It is mostly a style and preference choice. The original half inch lumber post is probably not structural, though it could well have been a cheap replacement for one which was more substantial. From what I can see of the eves, a 4x4 or 6x6 post is ap